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Heng Balance Lamp
Australia SAA Power cord
Europe VDE Power cord
Argentina IRAM Power cord
American UL Power cord
Japan PSE/JET Power cord
China CCC Power cord
Israel Power cord
South Africa Power cord
Korean KTL Power cord
Brazil power cord
Swiss SEV Power cord
Italy IMQ Power cord
UK BSI Power cord
Wire harness
Rubber Cables
Extension Cord
IEC 60320 Power Connector

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D09 BS PLUG | D09 QT1(C5) PLUG | D09 QT8 UK POWER CORD | D09 QT3 UK POWER CORD | Y006 BS1363A PLUG | D05A QT2 SAA PLUG | D05A SAA POWER CORD | D06-QT3 SAA POWER CORD | D06-QT3W SAA PLUG | D06 SAA PLUG | D06 SAA PLUG | D06A PLUG | Australian extension cord D06-D06-Y | SAA extension cord D06-D06Y | Australia 90-degree right angle power cord | Australia SAA Power board D06-4F | Australia and New Zealand power board D06-4Y | Australia SAA Power board D06 D06-F | Australia SAA Power board D06Y | D01-Y001-ZB extension cords | D01 VDE PLUG | D01-QT8 VDE POWER CORD | D02-Y002-Z | D02 VDE PLUG | D02-F IP44 PLUG | D03-F-YGB | D03-QT3 VDE POWER CORD | D03-QT3W(C13) | D03-QT4(C20) | D03 VDE plug | D03A VDE plug | D03-F VDE IP44 PLUG | D04 VDE straight plug | D03-FYGB IP44 plug | D03 QT3X2 Deconcentrator | D03-FY French socket | D03-F QT1 C5 Mickey Mouse plug | D10 IRAM PLUG | D11 3 pin IRAM powercord | QP2 QP2A UL plug | QP2 UL power cord | QP2 UL plug | QP3 QT3 C13 ul power cord | QP3 ul plug | QP3A UL plug | QP3B QT1 | QP3B UL plug | QP3C UL plug | QP3D QP3E UL plug | QP3D UL powercord | Lock C13 | QP4 PSE POWER CORD | QP5 PSE PLUG | QP6 PSE 3PIN PLUG | New PSB-10 CCC plug | PBB-6 CCC powercord | PBB-10 QT2 powe rcord | PSB-10 3C plug | PSB-10 QT3 3C powercord | PSB-10A Serpentine plug | PSB-16 3C plug 16A | D18 SANS plug South Africa | D18A South Africa Power cord | D19 South Africa Power cord | K01-QT2 KTL POWER CORD | K01 Korea power cord | K02 KTL plug | K03 KTL plug | K04 Korea KTL power cord | K04 QT3 KTL power cord | D14 QT2 Brazil power cord | D14 UC plug | D15 UC plug | D16 UC plug | D16 QT3 Brazil power cord | D16 QT3-W UC powercord | D10 swiss plug | D13 swiss power cord | D07 IMQ PLUG | D08 Italy IMQ power cord | D08B Italy IMQ power cord | CCC YZW RUBBER CABLE | KTL Korea RUBBER CABLE | SAA RUBBER CABLE | UL rubber cable | VDE rubber cable | D06 D06Y SAA extension cord | SAA extension cord | D03 YGB VDE extension cord | D03 FY French extension cord | D03 QT6 GST plug | D03/QT6 GST plug | D09/QT6 GST plug | QZ3 QT3H Rice cooker plug | QT3 QZ3L lock plug C13 | GST Connector | FESTIVE LED LAMP | FESTIVE LED LAMP | FESTIVE LED LAMP | FESTIVE LED LAMP | FESTIVE LED LAMP | FESTIVE LED LAMP | FESTIVE LED LAMP | FESTIVE LED LAMP | FESTIVE LED LAMP | FESTIVE LED LAMP | FESTIVE LED LAMP | Microwave oven wire harness | Water heater harness | Heng Balance Lamp | Heng Balance Lamp for wood | power cube | EU powercube |

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QIAOPU- power cord- International Cable Information (一) European cables code | QIAOPU power cord International Cable Information (二) China CCC cables code | QIAOPU power cord International Cable Information (三) Japan PSE cables code | QIAOPU power cord International Cable Information (四) America UL cables code | European standard plug power cord | Cause and treatment method of heating of electric wire connector | SAA power cord,Ac power cord and plug. brazil UC power cord,argentina power cord,japan PSE power cord,korea power cord |